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New generation home use Frozen weight loss Instrument

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New generation home use Frozen weight loss Instrument

What is a frozen body?
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Answering doubts

◎How long is each treatment?
The length of treatment depends on the body part of the treatment and the skin condition of the individual.

Our recommendations for treatment time for various parts of the body are as follows:

A relatively wide body part (such as the abdomen, small belly, thighs, etc.) need 40 to 60 minutes each time,and narrow body parts need 20 to 30 minutes.

◎How many treatments do we need to get results?

It depends on the condition of the curer and the treatment site.We usually recommend as e follow:

-Wider parts (such as abdomen, small belly, thighs, etc.) are recommended to be done once every two or three weeks ,totally four treatments as a course.

- Narrow body part is treated once every 20-30 days, and the second treatment can be performed 3 weeks after the first treatment.

◎When can the curer have an effect?

The effect occurs according to different curers and the different treatment sites, and normally after two or three weeks of treatment, you will see the effect.

◎Does the curer need to combine other special treatments?

It's recommended to combine the following operations:

- Before the frozen slimming treatment, high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy or massage, interval RF can make the effect of treatment better.

-After the frozen slimming treatment, you need enough massage to smooth the detoxification after lymphatic surgery.

- Drinking enough boiled water also helps lymphatic detoxification.

◎Does the Antifreeze Mask have an effect on the bonding of the equipment?

Yes,Because the antifreeze mask protects the surface of the skin during treatment. In addition, it contains formulas to prevent frostbite, which control the cooling power directly irritating the skin during treatment.

Installation Technique of Frozen Body- Shaping Instrument

- Check the sensor cover and liquid filter cotton
Make sure that the yellow filtered cotton is installed inside the sensor cover.

- Equip shaping gel
Equip the shaping gel which is required for treatment on the machine to prevent air leakage (FIG 1).

Insert frozen protective film
1.Take out a piece of frozen protective antifreeze mask from the bag and apply the essence of it to the shaping gel.
*Apply the remaining essence of the antifreeze mask to the location to be treated.
2.Take out a piece of antifreeze mask, put it on the mouth of the main body of the instrument, and then snap it into the silicone of both side.
*Never remove the capping glue from the antifreeze mask
*The center line of the antifreeze mask is parallel to the shaping gel. ( FIG 2 )

3.It is necessary to press the sides of the antifreeze mask and stick it to the groove of shaping gel( FIG. 3 ),so that the pad marks which the antifreeze mask leaves will not stain on the skin during the treatment.
4. Make sure the antifr
eeze mask must be close attached to the frozen plate so that the antifreeze mask is attached to the frozen plate red label position (FIG. 4)

Connection Of Shoulder Strap
Connect the shoulder strap to the silver circle on the back of
the instrument, and follow the steps as below( FIG5.FIG6)

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